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What is special about Springbank scotch?

Springbank is a Scotch whisky distillery in Campbeltown. It is the only distillery founded in the 19th century still owned by its founding family. Springbank is unique in handling the entire whisky making process in-house. Everything from malting the barley to bottling takes place on-site.

Springbank wa establishe in 1828 on the site of Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still. The distillery is now in the hands of our current Chairman. Hedley G. Wright, Mitchell’s great, great grandson. The fifth generation of the Mitchell family to own and manage it

The buildings at the whiskey distillery are traditional and quite compact, though the facility boasts an onsite maltings which meets all of the malted barley requirements. The distillery sits in the centre of Campbeltown. A decidedly misunderstood Scotch whisky region.
The malts from Campbeltown tend to be rather dry and a little briny, though much loved by connoisseurs. The distillery has a small capacity; just 750,000 litres annually, but nonetheless Frank McHardy. The production director, has deemed today’s scotch market to be saturated. Accordingly, in 2008 distillation was temporarily halted, though the rest of the work continued.

The Springbank distillery produces three uniquely different Scotch single malts: Longrow, Hazelburn and Springbank. 
This Whiskey was founded in 1828 by the Reid Family who subsequently went through financial hardship and, less than a decade later. John and William Mitchell acquired the distillery. In spite of the recent closure, there are plenty of releases on the market; sotch were an experimental distillery and there are many wood finishes as well as the three varieties of single malt.